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THE FACE STYLIST Teeth Whitening Kit include wireless charging light for accelerating whitening process with red and blue led light.

Red LED is for regenerat your health gum.


Apply gel on the LED light tray to white your teeth in 16 minutes by removing stains caused by excessive smoking,coffee,tea etc.


THE FACE STYLIST teeth whitening gel is FDA,CE,MSDS approved,safe to use without sensitivity.




Results after first use

Cosmetic dental ingredients

Safe and No Sensitivity

Vegan Friendly

Penetrates Entire Tooth

LED Teeth Whitening Kit

SKU : 366615376135191
  • What's included

    3 x Gels (15 Uses)

    1 x32pcs bulbs LED Light

    1 x Instruction Manual

    1 x shade guide

     1 x Luxury box

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